About us

The Engineering Council of Namibia (ECN) is a regulatory body constituted by the Engineering Profession Act, of 1986 (Act No. 18 of 1986). This act was promulgated on 11 August 1986 when the Engineering Council of Namibia was established. This Act came into force on 1 February 1987 and published in the Government Gazette. The Engineering Profession Act was amended in 1991 to suit the needs of independent Namibia. The proposed revised Engineering Profession Act is currently being scrutinized by the engineering fraternity and stakeholders. National stakeholders are consulted to ensure that it conforms to the present engineering profession requirements for Namibia and incorporates the global engineering environment.

The ECN logo 

The ECN logo represents the set aims and objectives of the Engineering Council of Namibia, exuding the hopes and aspirations of Namibia as a developing country, as well as the gallant role of the engineering profession in the progression of our civilization. Each of the elements signify the following: