Code of Conduct

It is the duty of every engineering professional to act with integrity and in the public interest. This should include considering the principles of sustainability and preventing avoidable adverse impact on the environment and society.

The ECN Code of Conduct requires that professional engineers or engineers-in-training, incorporated engineers or incorporated engineers-in-training and engineering technicians or engineering technicians-in-training shall, in practising their profession, comply with the following:

  • Shall have due regard to public safety and interests.
  • Shall discharge their duties to the employer or client in an efficient and competent manner with complete fidelity and honesty.
  • Shall disclose to the employer or client, in writing, any substantial interest in any company, firm or person carrying on any contracting or consulting work or manufacturing business which is or may be related to the work for which they employed, as well as particulars of any royalty, gratuity, commission or other financial benefit accruing to them from any article or process used in or for the purpose of the work in respect of which they employed.
  • Shall order their conduct so as to uphold the dignity, standing and reputation of the profession.
  • Shall not undertake engineering work of a nature that their education, training and experience have not rendered them competent to perform.
  • Shall certify to their employers or clients, in writing, that they are competent to undertake and perform the particular engineering work for which they are to be employed or commissioned.