ECN Committees

Council committees are established in terms of ECN Rules under Section 10 of the Act, and their purpose is to help ECN to carry out its functions. Committee members are appointed by Council from a diverse field of experienced professionals in accordance with the rules.

Registration Committees

Professional Engineers Registration Committee
Eng. Ignatius Endyala, Pr.Eng Chairperson
Eng. Joseph Sosinyi, Pr.Eng Member
Eng. Estee Cuff, Pr. Eng Member
Eng. Rianus !Gonteb, Pr.Eng Member


Incorporated Engineers and Engineering Technicians Registration Committee

Eng. Mervin Kambanda, Inc.Eng Chairperson
Eng. Blanche E Hanstein-Kaber. Inc. Eng Member
Eng. Erastus S Haludilu. Inc. Eng Member
Eng. Tangeni T Tshivute. Pr. Eng Member

There are two registration committees as shown. Their duties are to:

  • Process applications for registration
  • Conduct professional interviews when necessary
  • Ensure that registered professionals perform engineering duties
  • Review and update registration requirements as new demands are made on engineering professionals
  • Ensure compliance of Code of Conduct and Ethics for engineering practice
  • Consider and implement the requirements for Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Legal Affairs & Investigations Committee

Eng. Martha Kamati Endjala, Inc.Eng Chairperson
Eng. Nicolaas Louw, Pr.Eng Member
Eng. Richard Laborn, Pr.Eng Member
Eng. Elzevir Gelderbloem, Pr.Eng Member


An important focus of the Act is aimed at promoting the safety, health and interest of the public as these are affected by the engineering work and professional conduct of registered persons. The Legal Committees’ duties include:

  • Promoting ethical practice
  • Investigating reports of misconduct
  • Concluding on the findings of such investigations and pronouncing the appropriate sanction which may be one of the following:
    • Dismissing the allegation as unfounded or trivial
    • Warning the professional for misconduct
    • Fining and warning the professional for misconduct
    • Temporarily withdrawing registration while the defendant gains additional experience under the supervision of a registered professionals
    • Permanently withdrawing professional registration
  • Publishing the name, complaint and sanction for each case investigated

Academic Affairs, Training and Research

Dr. Petrina Johannes Chairperson
Eng. Epafras Shilongo Member
Eng. Katrina Thomas Member
Eng. Nangolo Ashipala Member
Eng. Charles Mukwaso Ex Officio Member
Ms. Bertha Ndjembo Member


An important focus of the Act is aimed at promoting the engineering profession, setting standards with regards to engineering education, professional development and conducting or aiding research for the advancement of the profession. The Academic Affairs, Training and Research Committee’s duties include:

  • Presiding over and directing the process of formulating programs for engineering education in the country
  • Setting and, through the Registrar, enforcing standards for engineering programs, giving regard to the Namibian education system and international standards, requirements and practices, subject to Namibian laws
  • Setting the criteria to be used by expert assessors for the evaluation and accreditation of engineering programs and qualifications, including foreign qualifications intended for use in Namibia, and liaising with any entity or person in doing so
  • Adjudicating and finalizing assessments conducted by expert assessors on any qualification or academic program of an engineering nature
  • Conducting and supporting research for the creation of increased knowledge in, promotion and advancement of, the engineering profession
  • Advising Council, government, the public and any other stakeholder or person on engineering education and related matters
  • Guiding the Engineering Council of Namibia on all related matters, including on matters of conformity of the engineering education system with international accords as may become necessary from time to time

The work of the Committee is coordinated with the Office of the Registrar.