Recognized Universities

To ensure professional engineering standards, ECN subscribes to the guidelines of the International Engineering Alliance (IEA) for the attributes required of graduates from tertiary engineering qualifications. Considering these attributes, ECN currently recognizes qualifications from the following engineering faculties:


Institutions recognized by the International Engineering Alliance Accords

Subject to the minimum standards set by Council, ECN also recognizes qualifications offered by institutions which have been recognized by:

  1. The Washington Accord
  2. The Sydney Accord
  3. The Dublin Accord

It will be necessary to visit the website of the registering body in the appropriate country to determine whether a particular institution in that country is recognized before pursuing studies there. The countries which are signatories to the Accords can be found as follows:

Regardless of a particular country’s signatory status with any of the above accords, any form of recognition of qualifications by ECN is subject to due process to ensure that all information is verified and expected standards as set by Council are complied with in each individual case.